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STRAMA PANELS® is a versatile finishing material for self-assembly. Ideal for building facades, basements and any small architectural objects: chimneys, fences, shelters, garages and bin shelters. The rich palette of colors and bin shelters appearance will make it possible to create even the most unusual ideas.


Wood & Colour Design

Clinker Design

Alu Design

Technology of STRAMA PANELS®

Instalation system SEMS-LM

  ❶  Galvanized mounting rail SEMS-LM

  ❷  STRAMA® Wood Design Panel

  ❸  STRAMA® Alu Design Panel

  ❹  STRAMA® Clinker Design Panel

Original, universal

SEMS-LM mounting system

gives you a unique

opportunity to combine

all STRAMA® Panels series

Dry installation of the DryTherm®

thermal insulation system

Nowoczesny system dociepleń 
wykonany całkowicie w metodzie suchej, 
pozwalającej na użycie wełny skalnej lub styropianu


Distance spacer SEMS-KD

  ❶  Wall of the building

  ❷  Galvanized mounting rail SEMS-LM

  ❸  Distance spacer SEMS-KD

  ❹  Thermal insulation

  ❺  STRAMA® Panels

STRAMA PANELS® are made of high quality materials. Collections Clinker and Stone Design are PVC panels with UV filters. The elegant look of the Clinker Design brick provides quartz and appropriately selected resins and polymers (PTFE). Wood and Colour Design panels are laminated with the world's highest quality Renolit® foils.

STRAMA System Advanced Polymer Protection

The Advanced Polymer Protection system increases weather resistance (PTFE) so you can be sure that they will look like new for many years to come.

STRAMA System Bio Protect

The Bio Protect system protects the facade from harmful biological agents: bacteria, fungi and algae, which often cause uneven pigmentation.

STRAMA Hydrophobic Surface

The hydrophobic surface of our panels makes it easy to keep clean.

For laminating of the panels we use the highest quality Renolit® film. Renolit FX protects the façade from permanent damage by Graffiti.
It can be cleaned.

Thanks to anodized panels of Alu Design series you will have a facade with metalic shine for many years.


The STRAMA PANEL System® is a modern self-assembly facade system, delivered in a handy package, where you will find up to 3.2 m2 of finished facade (depending on the panel design).

In addition to the panels in the package, there are 1.2 m long steel slats - but if you find that you need slats of a different length you can order them in our company.




If you find that the surface you want to install STRAMA PANELS® is uneven, or requires insulation, the best solution will be use SEMS-KD spacers, available in 4 length variants (70, 120, 170 and 220 mm).

STRAMA Zestaw naprawczy

Our panels will serve for many years, but if their surface is accidentally destroyed, you can always make the necessary repairs with a repair kit SEMS-ZN, just choose the color of the brick or type of foil.

Corners and window or door openings are formed by appropriate bending and assembly of the panels according to the assembly instructions.

To complement the architectural elements, we have introduced the SEMS-JA finishing strip.

Advantages of STRAMA PANELS®:

  • uniquely aesthetic finishing material for many architectural elements,
  • versatile development possibilities of all facade elements,
  • high resistance to mechanical damage,
  • quick and intuitive installation,
  • simple and functional cladding of thermal insulation using SEMS® **,
  • easy to wash,
  • does not need maintenance, painting, etc.,
  • easy repair or replacement of damaged pieces,
  • the Clinker and Stone Design series does not require mounting accessories,
  • the STRAMA system consists of a few elements sold in one box,
  • wood and Colour Design collection require only one finishing trim,
  • very little installation waste, approx. 2 per cent,
  • budget friendly (accurate and easy budgeting of material costs),
  • short and simple instruction manual for do-it-yourselfers

** SEMS® = STRAMA Easy Mounting System = Easy Installation System STRAMA® is an integrated system of STRAMA PANELS® designed and patented by STRAMA.
SEMS® reduces room for error during STRAMA® panels installation and maintains facade properties in compliance with the design and certificates.

Specification of STRAMA® Panels:

Selected features differentiating STRAMA® panels from competitive products:

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