The modern DryTherm® insulation system uses the SEMS® mounting system and STRAMA® panels for thermal insulation of the building. The insulation is made in the dry method and allows the use of rock wool, polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam. DryTherm® secures also diffusion of water vapor through walls. Between the thermal insulation and the STRAMA® panels are air slots, which further improve the insulation properties of the system (air is the best insulator) and ensure proper ventilation of the building and the diffusion of water vapor through the walls. In addition, the STRAMA® chamber construction of a panel provides excellent insulation and thermal insulation.

Scheme of the DryTherm® system

  ❶  The wall of the building

  ❷  The installation slat SEMS-LM

  ❸  The spacer SEMS-KD

  ❹  Thermal insulation

  ❺  STRAMA® Panels

Nowoczesny system dociepleń 
wykonany całkowicie w metodzie suchej, 
pozwalającej na użycie wełny skalnej lub styropianu


The distance spacer SEMS-KD

Advantages of DryTherm® system:

  • possibility of performing insulation work even at air temperature below zero degrees Celsius,
  • insulation works can be carried out in stages, ie in several meters, which can significantly save on the cost of renting or buying scaffoldings,
  • the fastening system is based on high quality spacers SEMS-KD which provide excellent fastening on any substrate and avoiding the additional costs associated with the proper preparation of the substrate such as plastering,
  • easy to clean - facade can be washed with water and detergent.


See the PDF file

of the DryTherm® installation manual

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