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Basic colours of Clinker Design panels

Joint Grey Mortar

1A - Ivory

2A - Yellow Sand

3A - Red Brick

4A - Dark Brown

5A - Grey Steel

Joint Graphite Mortar

1B - Ivory

2B - Yellow Sand

3B - Red Brick

4B - Dark Brown

5B - Grey Steel


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Description of STRAMA® Clinker Design panels:

STRAMA® Clinker Design panels will let you rediscover the beauty of clinker bricks and once again appreciate its advantages. The broad color range of our clinker panels will help you create a great variety of original designs. Modern arrangements, unpretentious facades or romantic retro style solutions just wait to be discovered.

A feature that is unattainable for competitive products and makes STRAMA® Clinker Design a league of its own is the possibility to bend corners in any place, both horizontally and vertically.

STRAMA® Clinker Design panels are made of top quality materials. Their careful selection allowed us to develop a resin with unique properties, that remains flexible at temperatures as low as -20⁰C.

By using skillfully selected production ingredients we have achieved suitably high durability and UV resistance. The combination of Teflon, biocidal agents and selected waxes creates a hydrophobic surface. Brick-imitating STRAMA facades are free from efflorescence.

Simple self-installation is another important advantage of facades made of STRAMA® Clinker Design panels.

STRAMA technologies have been designed in such a way that their installation does not require any expert skills or specialist construction know-how. If you have a knack for DIY, you will easily install brick-imitating STRAMA panels achieving a stunning final result, without wasting any material.

For your convenience, STRAMA® Clinker Design panels come as a complete set in a single box. All you need in addition is screws and a few simple tools.

By using our proprietary SEMS-LM mounting system you gain an exceptional possibility to combine all STRAMA® facade panels, including Alu Design, Wood and Colour Design series. STRAMA® Wood and Clinker Design panels will make your facade chic and conservative, while Alu Design panels, made of genuine aluminum, create the WOW effect.


1. Application:

  • STRAMA® Clinker Design panels are designed for finishing of new buildings’ facade walls and for renovation of old buildings,
  • The panels are also an excellent option for small-scale finishing applications: balconies, garages, rooflines, chimneys, railings, bin shelters, etc.
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design panels are particularly recommended if you want to restore or create a traditional brick wall look, including typical brick arrangements on corners and lintels.
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design panels help restore the original appearance of houses and farm buildings designed 100 years ago or earlier.
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design facade is ventilated and dry-mounted. It is a perfect solution for damp walls where other drying methods fail.


2. Advantages of STRAMA® Clinker Design facades:

  • Simple and intuitive installation using SEMS, an all-purpose mounting system (U),***
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design panels can be freely bent, which is a uniquely convenient finishing solution for corners and window / door openings (U),
  • The mounting system is suitable for installation on challenging architectural elements (U),
  • Attractive appearance of combinations with STRAMA® Wood Design panels as well as with other panel series using the SEMS mounting system (U),
  • An advantage of STRAMA® Clinker Design panels over natural products is the possibility to cut and bend them to shape (e.g. corners), in temperatures as low as -20⁰C (U),
  • SEMS mounting system makes it possible to use DryTherm insulation,
  • Damaged panels can be either repaired or replaced (U),
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design facade is easy to clean,
  • Brick-imitating STRAMA facade does not require such accessories as starter planks, finishing trims, corners or other elements required in other facade systems (U),
  • STRAMA® Clinker Design facade consists of a few elements supplied together in a single delivery (U),
  • Very little installation waste (approx. 2%),
  • With a limited number of system components, the cost of materials can be easily and accurately calculated (U).


*** U = USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Most STRAMA system advantages are unique, which means that similar features cannot be found in competitive products, making them a unique advantage for customers who purchase STRAMA® Panels.


3. STRAMA® Clinker Design facade system - materials and technologies:

  • STRAMA® Clinker Design panels are made of extruded mass-dyed PVC (gray or graphite).
  • The surface is coated with acrylic mortar, sized 240 x 60mm, 1.5mm thick. It is a composition of acrylic resin, dyed quartz sand with an addition of biocidal agents, Teflon and waxes that form a hydrophobic surface.
  • SEMS-LM mounting rails are made of galvanized steel ensuring structural steel parameters. The design of the rail and the thickness of the metal sheet guarantee durability comparable to that of the building’s structure itself.
  • SEMS-JA finishing profiles are made of extruded aluminum, protected against corrosion by anodizing. Their production technology ensures durability comparable to that of the building’s structure itself.
  • The other components of the SEMS system (SEMS-KD distance spacers, self-tapping screws) are made of galvanized steel.
  • The panels, mounting rails SEMS-LM, SEMS-JS finishing profiles, bin shelter constructions are designed and manufactured by STRAMA®. The production of STRAMA® Alu Design panels and SEMS-JA finishing profiles is outsourced by STRAMA to renowned third-party manufacturers.
  • All materials used in the production of panels and accessories are of EU origin.
  • Fire class: A2,
  • Warranty: 5 years.


4. STRAMA® Clinker Design facade components - overview of dimensions and parameters:

  • Dimensions of STRAMA® Clinker Design facade: 
    -  Facade thickness (incl. mounting system): 17 mm.
    -  Panels: 1250 x 81 x 10 mm, chambered panel, wall thickness 1.0 mm.
    -  SEMS-JA finishing profile: 2380 x 30 x 15 mm.
    -  SEMS-LM mounting rail: 2280 x 30 x 6 mm.
  • Panels and mounting rails SEMS-LM are packed in 1 box and constitute the full installation set. SEMS-JA and SEMS-JS finishing profiles can be purchased separately.
  • Panels are shipped in cartons on wooden pallets (100 to 800 kg). A single box with SEMS-LM mounting rails corresponds to approx. 3.2 m2 of the facade.
  • The form and dimensions of STRAMA® Clinker Design panels have been optimized taking into account such aspects as simple installation, waste reduction, weather impact, durability, flexibility, vertical and horizontal thermal expansion, transport and storage, as well as point-of-sale display.
  • The form and dimensions of SEMS-LM mounting rails are compatible with all panel series and all other mounting elements.
  • Packaging weight: 18.75 kg.

Specification of STRAMA® Panels:

Selected features differentiating STRAMA® panels from competitive products:

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