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Description of STRAMA® Alu Design anodized aluminum facade system:

The development and market launch of STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade system has been the greatest challenge faced so far by STRAMA. Upon its successful completion, the company joined the elite group of leading facade finishing product manufacturers. STRAMA® Alu Design is a response to the needs of the most demanding customers. The system can be used even for the most prestigious projects, because STRAMA® Alu Design is a top quality product offering maximum durability. This extruded and anodized aluminum profile with impressive 1.65mm wall thickness has all the advantages of natural aluminum. A carefully designed extrusion process gives the profile a unique brushing effect, which additionally improves the facade’s appearance. The combined effect of all these features creates a unique color depth with all kinds of shades and tones on the facade. The stunning visual effect is particularly magnified in strong sunlight and at sunset.

The specially designed shape and size of the panels coupled with the unique type of the finishing profile make it possible to clad even the most challenging architectural forms. Unprecedented arrangement possibilities let you achieve even the most unexpected, or even shocking visual effects – you can create whatever you can imagine. By using our proprietary SEMS-LM mounting system you gain an exceptional possibility to combine all STRAMA® facade panels, including Wood, Colour and Clinker Design series.


STRAMA Panels® facade system eliminates design limitations.


1. Application areas of STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facades:

  • Finishing of new buildings’ facade walls; renovation of old buildings.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum panels are particularly recommended for buildings expected to have a prestigious and modern appearance, such as company headquarters and office or public buildings. They are also an excellent choice for commercial premises, stores and showrooms.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design panels can be used for indoor applications in commercial and public buildings.
  • SEMS mounting system makes it possible to use any kind of thermal insulation in the Strama DryTherm technology.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade is ventilated and dry-mounted. It is a perfect solution for damp walls where other drying methods fail.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design is also an excellent option for small-scale finishing applications: bin shelters, garages, rooflines, chimneys, balcony railings or even roof cladding elements in sophisticated architectural designs.


2. Advantages of STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade:

  • Simple and intuitive installation (U).***
  • Uniquely attractive appearance for even the most sophisticated architectural finishing elements (U).
  • STRAMA® Alu Design facade cladding is highly durable owing to the natural features of aluminum, such as strength and rigidness. The durability of the aluminum profile is additionally strengthened through ribbing.
  • STRAMA® aluminum facade is non-flammable (European Fire Class E1), Aluminum alloy facades melt at a temperature of 650⁰C, but without releasing any hazardous gases. The inherent features of STRAMA® Alu Design facade improve the building’s fire performance and additionally reduce the risk of flame spreading.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade adds prestige and value to the building. It is as durable as the building itself and gives it a robust appearance.
  • Aluminum reflects sun rays also in the infrared spectrum, which is of fundamental importance in the context of maintaining adequate temperature of building walls and interiors.
  • Aluminum used in the facade is perfectly neutral for the natural environment (soil, groundwater and air).
  • STRAMA® facade is easy to clean.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design facade is graffiti-resistant (U) – all you need to do is wash graffiti away.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design facade consists of a few components supplied in a single delivery (U).
  • STRAMA® facades can be made of freely combined panels of all available series: Alu, Clinker, Wood and Colour Design (U).
  • As the facade can be made to measure, the amount of installation waste is very low (approx. 2%) (U).
  • With a limited number of system components, the cost of materials can be easily and accurately calculated (U).


*** U = USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Most STRAMA system advantages are unique, which means that similar features cannot be found in competitive products, making them a unique advantage for customers who purchase STRAMA® Panels.


3. STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade system - materials and technologies:

  • STRAMA® Alu Design panels are extruded from an aluminum alloy suitable for outdoor facades.
  • STRAMA® Alu Design panels are protected against corrosion by anodizing, with or without pigments. Anodizing impedes corrosion and ensures color fastness and durable metallic shine.
  • The aluminum alloy is made, extruded and anodized according to certificates issued by QUALANOD and in compliance with DIN 7599:2010 standard that specifies requirements for outdoor facades.
  • SEMS-LM mounting strips are made of galvanized steel ensuring structural steel parameters. The design of the strip and the thickness of the metal sheet guarantee durability comparable to that of the building’s structure itself.
  • SEMS-JA finishing bars are made of extruded anodized aluminum; their colors match those of the panels.
  • The other components of the SEMS system (SEMS-KD distance spacers, self-tapping screws) are made of galvanized steel.
  • Mounting strips are designed and manufactured by STRAMA. The production of STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum panels and SEMS-JA finishing profiles is outsourced by STRAMA to renowned third-party manufacturers.
  • All materials used in the production of panels and accessories are of EU origin.
  • Reaction to fire Euroclass A1.
  • Warranty: 20 years.


4. STRAMA® Alu Design components - overview of dimensions and parameters:

  • Dimensions of STRAMA® Alu Design aluminum facade system: 
    -  Facade thickness (incl. mounting system): 17 mm.
    -  Panels: 5000 x 151 x 10 mm, external wall thickness: 1,65 mm.
    -  SEMS-JA Finishing profile: 5000 x 30 x 17 mm.
    -  SEMS-LM mounting strip: 2280 x 30 x 6 mm.
  • Panels, finishing profiles and mounting strips are packed in 3 boxes and constitute the full installation set.
  • The dimensions and form of STRAMA® Alu Design panels have been optimized taking into account such aspects as simple installation, waste reduction, weather impact, durability, flexibility, vertical and horizontal thermal expansion, transport and storage,
  • The form and dimensions of SEMS-LM mounting rails are compatible with all panel series and all other mounting elements.
  • Panels are shipped in cartons on wooden pallets (100 to 500 kg).

Specification of STRAMA® Panels:

Selected features differentiating STRAMA® panels from competitive products:

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