STRAMA  Construction Innovations

STRAMA is one of the most innovative companies in the construction market. Our simple and intuitive SEMS® fastening system proved to be a revolutionary solution for any arrangement and facade using the whole STRAMA Panels® product line.

What do you like? The appearance of clinker brick, stone, wood, modern single color or imitation of aluminum, carbon fiber, canvas - and maybe something else? If you are more demanding, you will soon be able to choose among anodized aluminum facades in many attractive colors.

One package of STRAMA® panels contains approx. 3.2 m2 facade with fixing system, weighs less than 20 kg and can be taken to the construction site of a passenger car. It is a product of the 21st century, ideal for both large-scale construction shops, construction companies and DIYs.

STRAMA has been responsible for its products and respected by the clients since the beginning of its existence. We make quick decisions, adapt to the needs of local markets and to the individual needs of our clients, following the principle of a community of interests.


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Uniwersalny materiał wykończeniowy do samodzielnego montażu. Idealny do wykonania elewacji, podmurówek oraz dowolnych obiektów małej architektur Nowoczesny system dociepleń 
wykonany całkowicie w metodzie suchej, 
pozwalającej na użycie wełny skalnej lub styropianu

Versatile finishing material for self assembly.
Ideal for facades, sub-basements and any small architecture.

Modern system of insulation made entirely in dry method, allowing the use of rock wool or foamed polystyrene.

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